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An Ancient Tradition

From the experience of an old Italian "torrefazione", comes "Elite Caffè". Our aim is to guarantee to the customer the best service and quality in all the business aspects. It is from the union of traditional processing techniques, the right waiting times and roasting criteria that originates our product. In order to assure maximum quality our beans are selected amongst the best offered from the market and worked according to ancient traditions. Our philosophy of striving for excellence is also reflected in the service, always friendly and knowledgeable, of all our employees.

The World
in a cup

The aroma is intense, refined and inebriating and prepares the senses to the dense texture and smooth taste of rich scents that evoke the light tones of toasted almonds, resulting in that typical prolonged and bitter chocolate aftertaste.
Our blend generates from the desire of creating a single product line seeking after excellence, hence the choice of the name "Elite", which stands for quality, distinction and maximum attention to details. From the perfect blending of the finest Arabica and Robusta from around the world and their careful combination, we have been able to achieve a smooth and strong coffee taste that can satisfy even the most discerning palates..

Customers of Elite

Being an "Elite customer" is not just about buying our products, but it means to be part of an idea. Since the beginning of our activity, we considered important not only to sell an excellent blend, but also to implement a close partnership with those who choose to use our product. Thus to help them distinguish from the others through professional advice and care for details. Indeed, an accurate line of products and accessories of excellent quality and design is available to every customer in order to help them taking the best care possible of the image of every activity. We also organize, training courses, taught by professionals, every year. To enable the "Elite" customer to run their activities towards new and successful ideas.

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